Address Is Not Available


I have a problem with the address option, I wanted to give my Office address but unfortunately they said the address is invalid. And hence I had to give my office address.
–Request Technical Help, I am not at Home always–
–Timothy Thomas–


I am Not Any Staff, I wanted to change my address but their website is saying address not found


@timothythomastt60 No worries, you’re able to save the address even when the system can’t verify it. If you’re a winner we’ll make sure the address is written correctly before shipping.


But, It is not allowing me to save. In-fact, when I click the “save” button, it does not close or saves.


I have checked our judging panel and confirmed that you have an address saved in the system. We’ll have our dev team take another look to make sure there isn’t a bug.


Hi @timothythomastt60, does nothing happen when you click “Save”? If so, do you mind checking in your browser console if you see any errors? Thanks!


I need help, I don’t know how to check console for errors.


Easy! Just right click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect”, then go to the “Console” tab. There all errors will show in red. Grey and orange text can be ignored.


It is not accepting my postal code
My postal code is only 5 digits


It is showing in RED


Do you mind sending me your full address via email at so we can debug? Thanks!


Okay. Thanks Very Much!!


I have send the address in mail!!


Hi @timothythomastt60, if you want to give it another try, it should be fixed!


Hello, i am having similar issues like that @timothythomastt60, only the console error message is:

“AddressButton addOrUpdateAddress: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘includes’ of undefined”

Can someone help me through this?


Hello, i need help saving my address after clicking the save address button not happens.
Can anyone help?


Hi @sudden8317, sorry I just saw this, were you eventually able to make it work?


Hi, I don’t have any issues regarding address, that was someone else!