Announcement for the free Hardware giveaway


Its 6th September already and still no announcements. Please do it as soon as possible as it will take time to learn more about this platform, so the earlier we get the board(if we get selected), the better.



I don’t know why you’re contacting me about this as I am an entry like yourself, I do not hand out the boards.

Sorry for being blunt, don’t know how you mistook my email for the official one though.



Hey man,

I didn’t mention any name. I just asked on the forums in general as the hackster staff is a part of it too. I don’t know how you got the notion that i am asking you.


Like I commented in the other thread that already pretty much covers the subject of this new thread.

BTW, the way this forum works by default, (sending out direct emails you never asked for) seems to confuse quite a few users. Maybe this “feature” could be tuned to more clearly indicate that the emails are generated by forum software and what you should do to opt out (or make this opt in by default).

When the selection process is over (this week if you are optimistic, or maybe next week if you are realistic/pessimistic) we will all get emails telling us that “unfortunately your idea was not selected” or for the lucky few that the idea was selected.


How soon do you get these notifications in your e-mail? I tend to get them some 24 h after I’ve already read about them on the Hackster site. I don’t really see the point in sending e-mail notifications that late.

Besides that, keep up the good work (and I mean the Hackster team as well as the xilinx team, not you, who perhaps got this in your personal mailbox :grinning: )


Me too have the same concerns.


Hello, it doesn´t make sense for you to send me emails if I don´t have any board … Can you tell me if I win a board? Can you tell me if you already gave away the boards? Why so much mystery?



You can start to install all the software packages you will need for the competition, getting familiar with environment while document your experience. That way you will theoretical be up and ready. That is what I have been doing here myself. Review your peripherals, add-ons, etc… will also be good steps in right direction.



everyone got the email :slight_smile: thats how discussion forums work , buddy .



Is there any reason why our submission " Hardware Accelerated Number Plate Recognition" is not visible in the list of entries? Did we do something wrong?


My idea didn’t qualify. I won’t weep for long. But I won’t buy the board either. I will implement my idea using some other board that I already have, and maybe participate in another contest. Thanks to Haxter and Xilinx and good luck to everyone continuing in the contest.


Neither did My IDEA :frowning: , Well I am neither gonna get this board, its almost my months salary If I go buy this kit. May be some other time .

Great luck all the participants.

// Guri


As some of you have mentioned, the hardware winners have been announced. You can see if your idea was selected by going to the idea tab on the contest page.


Thomas - After a quick look I see that you posted your idea as a project submission. For future contests, those interested in winning free hardware to complete your project must fill out the application form on the “Idea” tab. There is an application form with detailed questions about the parameters of your project.

We understand the UX is a bit misleading and we’ve brought the issue up with our product team. Hopefully you’re still able to participate! If you sign up for the Ultra96 webinar or workshop you’ll receive a small discount code for the board in your email.


Sorry to hear your idea was not chosen. Don’t let it discourage you from learning about the Ultra96! You can still attend the free webinar and workshop to build your knowledge on FPGAs and the Ultra96.:grinning:


Will these webinars be recorded and available later? I have conflicting meeting.


Yes the webinar was recorded! We’re working with Xilinx to see how they want to re-post into the community. Hope to update you soon.