Debian 9.5 "stretch" + 4.14.72 kernel image available


I created a Debian 9.5 “stretch” OS build for the Avnet Ultra96. This build is running a 4.14.72 mainline kernel with Xilinx additions for the ZynqMP.

The image fits on a 4GB sdcard. If you want to use it on a larger card, flash the 4GB image and run the script “” after boot and the partition will expand.

The USB 3.0 port is configured as a network device with IP address Plug it into your PC and ssh to this address.

Wi-Fi will appear as an access point with SSID “DROIDIFI” and no security. If you connect over Wi-Fi the device address is Edit the file /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan0 if you want to use it as a Wifi client.

There is no root password.


No HDMI GUI (need Vivado 2018.3 to add this)
Reboot causes halt (must power cycle to reboot)