How to cancel my registration?


Does anyone know, how can I cancel my registration?
I don´t won any Ultra96 board, however every day I receive multiple emails from this contest.
I already verified the page of this contest and it doesn´t have the link to cancel my registration and stop receiving your emails.

Have a nice day


You can disable these email notifications from the Email Preferences:



To unregister from the contest you can click “unregister” in the right hand panel on the contest page:


I believe it’s because under Notifications > Categories you have Watching first post categories. Remove all items from the list and you shouldn’t get emails when people post new items.


There is no option; I tried accessing from both mobile and laptop; but no unregister option.


There is not the “unregister” button … the “community manager” forgot to put that button or remove it, but that button doesn´t exist


You are right… to receive these emails are spam