Join Our Technical Webinar Today!


Hey everyone!

As a last reminder, our technical webinar is TODAY at 11:00 AM PST. There will be a 45 minute introduction to the Ultra96 and a 15 minute live Q&A for you to get your questions answered!

Follow this link to register:

Thanks and we hope to see you there!


Hi Ella,

I have meeting conflict. Will this be recorded?



Yes! The full length webinar will be recorded and the recording will be posted under Resources on the contest brief in the next few days.


Hi Ella, at the end of the webinar was an announcement like

From Rebecca To to Everyone: 09:03 PM
We will be sending a discount code to all webinar attendees following this webinar!

I’ve attended the webinar and never received any message since. Did I miss something?



Let me look into this for you! We want to make sure all those awesome discount codes get to the right people.


I cannot find it there. Can you please post link to the recording? Thx


Sameerk, if you were registered for the workshop or webinar you should have received it in your email. Unfortunately the coupon code only works in the US.


I had not registered for the Webinar. I do not need the coupon code. But I wanted to see the recording of the webinar.


Check out the recording of the webinar here: