Question not available on Idea submission


The Contest brief says that two questions will be asked on which idea will be judged i.e.

  1. If you had to describe programmable logic devices to a 5th grader, how would you explain it?
  2. How do you think AI will change the world, for better or worse?
    The first question was displayed in my Idea form and I answered it but the second question is not being displayed in the form.


Hi @mrahsanali5, the questions have been added to the application form.


Hi, sorry, forgot to input that answer!

1.) Programmable logic allows to program logic which can range from simple algorithms to virtualized CPUs in the field using software. The so programmed logic runs then in hardware and is this orders of magnitudes more efficient compared to a general purpose CPU.

2.) I think it’s changing the world for better as it will unlock a next level or productivity gains and thus growth.
In recent years AI took off in the cloud but now it’s time to conquer the edge where there are even more possibilities to introduce AI in an actually beneficial way.


I filled in the answers to those 2 questions. Then, went back to review, they were wiped clear. Pretty annoying since I gave my answers careful thought.


Hi @thomas-hoppe, please edit your idea to add answers to those questions.


Hi @acheesehead, I see that answers were recorded: Somehow it seems that only the form isn’t properly showing them. We’re fixing it.


Fixed! cc @acheesehead


Do you have a history of submissions. My previous post was much better. The last post was pretty much a test.


Thanks for the information, I just edited my idea and added the answers to these two questions.


@acheesehead Unfortunately we don’t have a history of submissions. I’m really sorry for what happened; it’s always frustrating when work vanishes. The team is very aware of all the issues surrounding the extra questions, and will take this into account when choosing the hardware winners.