Selection of Ideas for Free Devices


When will the idea selection for free devices be on?


I 've updated Idea two days before the deadline. are you saying that you did not got it?
I checked online and ppl are saying that Idea is not getting updated !!!

is this a known issue and you want me to resubmit the idea?

please let me know where can I resubmit it


Ohh This is not regarding you!


I just asked when will the ideas be selected for free device?


Timothy I received your email about the Xilinx Contest. Please be aware that I have nothing to do with Xilinx or their contest. You should contact Xilinx directly. I wish you the best. Bob


I’ve no idea. Are you also candidate like me ?


Hello all! Your free hardware applications are currently being reviewed by the Xilinx judging panel. We’re confirming the announcement date of free hardware recipients and will update you soon. Thank you for your patience!


Could you tell us the username you submitted your idea under? We can check to see if we received a free hardware application.


and email :



and Email :


Free hardware recipients will be announced September 6th.


Yes, we’ve received your application.



Timothy Thomas,
Please check this also!


First of all, I’m just a participant too. You can check the ideas here:
…for example: this looks like yours Timothy?

Only every fifth idea will get a free board, unless the ideas are so good that we deserve more and someone is willing to fund some extra boards. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fingers crossed until next Thursday.


This was not asked to you!!
Any reply that has been asked will come into our mail!!
I just want to ensure that my idea has been received and I asked to the official of this contest.


Oh I’m terribly sorry for trying to help.


its already a work in progress. i hope i could make the project by the end of this month.


I can see my Idea in the Link , as posted , but still Jessica said that she did not receive any application ?



Did she really? Did you notice, that you were NOT the only one to ask, also daveavani asked. As I see it, the answer:

“Yes, we’ve received your application.”

was addressed explicitly to you.

Edit: BTW, the way this forum works by default, (sending out direct emails you never asked for) seems to confuse quite a few users. Maybe this “feature” could be tuned to more clearly indicate that the emails are generated by forum software and what you should do to opt out (or make this opt in by default).