Selection of Ideas for Free Devices


Yup correct, but the other comment was also a reply to me buddy.

I’ll tell ya, I will be happy to wait till 6 and we will find out :+1:t3: .

Maybe I am overthinking :v:t3:

// GurI


Sounds like a good idea. Just chill and maybe get a deeper understanding of the actual device, which seems to be worth investigating, even if you don’t happen to be among the lucky ones who’ll get it for free.


please check @Jessica_Hackster


I still don’t understand the reasoning behind the theory that a Submission ( like ) could somehow have ended up on the public web site without being submitted. Why bother Jessica with these checks?


I am Up on it, Thanks.

B.T.W I just got to know there was an Awesome Path To Programmable Challenge going on on E14. I was just about last minute application submission , Apparently they are giving 5 miniZed Dev boards and will train 5 participants for a month on FPGA then will give them 1 Month for completing the project Cool Rt.



Guri, I apologize for the confusion. The second response was intended for another user. Yes, your application was received.


@all - Please do not post your personal contact information in this feed. This is a public forum and your information is visible to everyone.

All received hardware applications are visible on the contest page’s idea tab. If you do not see it there, we did not receive it before the deadline. If you’d like to report a possible bug, please contact Thanks for you patience and thanks to everyone helping problem solve in this feed.


The idea you’re referencing was a submitted application, which is why it appears on the Idea tab. Could you clarify your concern?


Like you said yourself (and what I have been trying to say to those asking if their idea has been received) “All received hardware applications are visible on the contest page’s idea tab.”
I do not have a concern but I do not understand the logic behind these unnecessary questions. The linked application was not just “a application” it was most probably the application of the person asking in the previous massage.


In the spirit of an open community, idea submissions (aka free hardware applications) are made visible to everyone to show potential hardware applications.

People serious about building a full project are encouraged to submit their proposal and be awarded a piece of hardware to complete their build. This form helps the Hackster team and contest host choose the hardware recipients by looking at feasibility, proof of concept and projected dedication from the applicant.


Ok, that’s “today” in most time zones, but there’s still 36+ hours left to be on schedule, if we use AOE.


When will The Announcement be made of Free Hardware recipients?


My guess i September 6th.


I just wanted to know when and where it will be announced??


Usually the participants who have submitted the idea receive an email with subject “Updates regarding your entry for the pre-contest of {Contest Name}” mentioning specifically whether the participant’s idea has been selected for free device or not. Do not worry they will send an email soon when they will be ready with the results.


The hardware winners have been announced. You can see if your idea was selected by going to the idea tab on the contest page.


They are obviously reordered to put the selected ones first.


The UX of the page is designed so the 30 winning ideas are posted as the first 30 on the page. There was a panel of judges from the Xilinx team that reviewed and vetted out the ideas they wanted to award hardware to.