The value of the board


It’s mentioned that the value of the board is some 249 USD. In case I’d get one for my idea, I would have to pay toll taxes about 40 - 50 USD for it, which would be fine, but just in case I’d have to return the board for reasons mentioned in the rules, I’d probably end up having paid taxes for nothing. Is there any chance of receiving such a product in a way that would skip the taxes? Say it would be declared a product, which I’d return in any case, no matter if I’d fulfill the requirements in the rules or not?


I think most of the people not within US will have to live with this issue you comment, I think it’s not possible to ask contest organizers to take care about the underlying issues with customs and taxes, it really complicated and out of their scope just saying. I think in this case you will pay taxes for not been committed to provide your project , I think this is very good in my opinion because most of the people don’t take this stuff seriously, actually If I were among the contest organizer panel staff I will said that your project has to fulfill a certain level of design, for example usage of the logic on FPGA, a project that uses the board just to connect to the internet should not be accepted at all…


@Johan_Ha I agree with this. Expenses are too expensive.
Those who are selected to receive the Ultra96 board could send it and not say it costs so much. They could lower the price and therefore lower taxes for us.


I realize that poor people like us can never touch a brilliant hardware without money.
I have withdrawn my idea and i’m quiting hackster


Hello Johan_Ha and AmaljithCf

Thank you both for your comments. The intent of the contest is to introduce Xilinx programmable logic to the community by having a contest, giving away some boards and doing outreach through this site and others. We recognize that the types of products that the community might traditionally use would cost less than Ultra96. We also recognize there are sometimes issues with shipping products into different countries.

I will reach out to both of you privately to see if there’s a way we can accommodate your needs.

Best regards,

Craig @ Xilinx


Thank you very much for the thoughtful headsup, I really missed this point. I have now withdrawn my submission / idea as well.


The package, when arriving to the customs, should at least have the taxfree value on it, reported by the manufacturer. Not the retail tax included price. But the value could be even lower or perhaps even zero, if it’s comparable with items needed for a short term project and being returned after the project.


Yes, I fully agree. In some countries the tax and customs may even end up more than 100% of original value. Usually (at least here in Finland) you have to pay tax for the declared value PLUS the shipping costs. So definitely a bad idea to declare full commercial value, rather something more along the lines of “Evaluation sample, no commercial value. Customs value: 0.01 USD.”


I also agree. There is no need to pay tax if money has not changed hands. I do support the “Evaluation sample, no commercial value. Customs value: 0.01 USD”


I am completely agree with you. They should declare it as evaluation copy with a very low value.


I think you should mention it as evaluation sample and no commercial value should be mentioned. If it is mandatory than mention a small amount. In my country Bangladesh receiver have to pay 56% extra fine if the product value is greater than $100 and imported without LC. So value must be less than $100.


All - We’re reviewing how our warehouse submits customs forms to evaluate how additional costs may burden winners from picking up hardware/prizes. Thank you for your feedback.


Totally agree with you ! Connecting xyz to the internet is like blinking an LED !

Sometimes I really wonder what’s the point of connecting a project to internet just to get an IoT Tag, when there is no real need/purpose to do so. Most IoT projects/products/services are gimmicks.

It’s like connecting your pillow, commode flash, tissue box and socks to the internet, REALLY ?