Unable to Download Xilinix Software


When I try to download the Xilinix Software design tools, I am redirected to a form where I have to fill my details. But this form reports an error after submitting it.


Yep me too, i said screw it a got an altera and quartus. Hell at least thier website works.


Yeah I’ve downloaded Quartus and the process is a lot easier and accessible than this. I even checked whether my country is in a category D or E country (countries that the US does not export to or import from) but my country is category B. Their form keeps asking me to enter the two letters of the US or Canadian state I’m in, even when I select my country as Sri Lanka.


I’ll reach out to the Xilinx team and ask them to look into this. We’ll hopefully get back to you soon!


I think the error has been rectified. I am now able to submit the form and enter the product licensing page.


Could you all confirm you’re able to download the software now?