Voltage Level on 40pin connector


is it possible to change the voltage level on the Low speed expansion connector to LVCMOS25 or LVCMOS33 by the FSBL?

Can Avnet, Xilinx provide a sample if so?


I assume you are talking about the PL I/Os on the 40-pin expansion header. Those signals are connected to Bank 26. VCCO for Bank 26 is shared with VCCAUX. VCCAUX is set to 1.8V and is not adjustable. Therefore, you cannot change the IOSTANDARD for the PL I/Os on the 40-pin expansion header to LVCMOS25 or LVCMOS33. If you need to operate at 2.5V or 3.3V, then you must use a level translator.


Thanks for the explanation. The schematics for this boards are clear as mud. compared to Minized. (Pads I guess) I would have preferred Altium.
Anyways I’ll probably use a TXB1008 from TI.