Who can lends me the Ultra 96 Development Board?


I already sent my AI project, however, I don’t have the Ultra96 board and they require me.

It’s incredible that they have given away 30 boards and only one project has been sent. An efficiency of 3.3%. This is not competition.
There must be someone of the 29 people who are not using their board and who have powdered and kept under the bed.


Hi @guillengap and @bdarwish, thanks for your concerns. Unfortunately we weren’t able to send more than 30 boards to participants. If you are unable to participate in this contest, feel free to check out the other contests we have going on for more chances to win prizes. Not every contest will work for everyone, but we do our best!


I received my board this week in Ireland after it was sent from the U.S on the 13/9.
I can imagine other hardware winners have had the same setbacks with shipping/ customs and I wouldn’t be surprised if the submission deadline was extended given the lack of project submissions.


Hah ha … good one. I only keep dead cockroaches under my bed (after killing them)
I usually give away boards that I can’t/won’t use to people who can utilize those better. If I had this board I might have given that to you. Too bad, I don’t have any !


I’m a bit sarcastic and I really don’t think I could do anything with the little time left … good luck


Thank you for your encouragement and good wishes … attitude


Sarcasm is good for mental health, keep neurons resonating !


I can give you my board